Throughout my career in this field, I’ve always been obsessed with how to do things better, faster, efficiently, and also improve collaboration with cross-functioning teams. Little did I know that the day would come, where I realized there’s a role for this.

I also stumbled upon the design field through my friend, Nora. I was working in residential treatment, and she’s a graphic designer. We both enjoyed music and concerts. She showed me art galleries, and I showed her new places to eat. We bonded over our love for experiences.

Fast forward, I’m back in college taking some fine art classes. It hit me. Those early internet years where I spent a lot of my free time playing with basic html and building blog sites. Or even in my early childhood – my fascination with handwriting. I remember admiring the handwriting of my classmates, my grandfather, anyone really. When I was home, I’d spend hours trying to replicate and master these new letterforms. Typography. I’ve always loved graphic design. But didn’t know that was an actual field.

After a few classes...here I am.