Award-winning masterplan community in Irvine, California

Product Ecosystem:

Responsive Website, Custom CMS, Wayfinding Mobile Ap, Interactive Surface Ap, VR Interactive Tour Ap, Digital Marketing
A product ecosystem to guide users around residential community, park collections, and recreational amenities virtually, on-site, and online through digital application.

Prospective tenants can experience and explore the community via: a interactive surface app at the information center, tour 360 by VR app, a on-site personalized home tour guide via their own devices.

Responsive Website

Designed homepage and crafted a visual story about the community, integrated interactive map design for features page, and continuous design iterations and improvements. One of the learnings I implemented on the site was a bottom user navigation on mobile devices - to make it easier for users to navigate the website, while on desktop I designed dropdown navigation components to allow for additional content such as image and text links for better storytelling.

Product Userflow

Users who are on-site with a mobile or tablet device they are able to experience the wayfinding tour app. Where they can learn more about the current location and find tour homes based off their needs. If they are on a desktop device, they are sent to a separate landing page guiding them on how to access the tool. The landing page for users who are not on-site informs the user the value of the tool.

VR Interactive Tour Application

Used at off-site or on-site events, where visitors or users could immerse themselves into the community without having to be there. There were learning challenges during the design of the application. I learned how VR apps could physically effect users, and had to optimize the experience to ensure users did not have a difficult time selecting buttons. The VR experience was fairly novel during this build. I found it challenging to find documentation on design processes and learnings, so it was integral to collaborate closely with the development team.

Hi-Fidelity Wireframes

First pass on high fidelity wireframes and is mostly conceptual. The final product was significantly simplified, with custom tour personalization functionality removed.

Wayfinding Mobile Site & Landing Page

Award-winning app that guides users that are on-site on a customized home and tour based off their preferences either on the app, shared from another user, or through their interactive surface application located at their information centers.


As the project continues to be refined through design iterations, it would be beneficial to implement user research and A/B testing feedback to increase engagement and conversions. Also to improve user experience and provide a better experience for all. The products serve the greater community purpose to make it easier for users (current residents, future residents, visitors) to navigate throughout the community. The products have undergone a development refactoring, but a design system would also be beneficial to scale the products better and efficiently.

Company name has been excluded and all visual designs have been updated to obscure identifying the company for privacy reasons. The humaaans used in the ecosystem sketch are courtesy of, all other images are courtesy of

Thursday July 13 2023

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