Fuel APIBrand Refresh, Website, Purchase Flow Experience2021

High-quality automotive assets such as video, imagery, 360° video for commercial use

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Brand Refresh, User Flow, Site Architecture, Content Strategy, Wireframes, Responsive Design

The revamp of complex subscripton model

Through iterative rounds of user flow exploration working closely with sales - helped guide the process and design discussions for feedback in engineering.

User Flows

Working closely with owners to gain understanding of sales process and purchase flow and translating it into a digital web experience. Identifying questions and pain points during the process and reducing friction for users while meeting milestones.

Desktop Design Optimization

The main focus was to provide a painless purchase process via desktop. Due to the product’s value position, there was little feedback on users accomplishing a purchase via mobile experience. During the design process, multiple rounds of iteration occurred due to changes in the subscription model and based off of feedback from site usage and client.

Based on analytics, user research, and product’s value position, responsive design was applied but users converted on desktop device vs mobile.

My approach to the initial process was to examine the main challenges but also resolve questions that users may have – which was over complicated with their current subscription model. Identified the types of users/target audience and worked directly with the sales team to review their sales process. The main challenge was to take a complex subscription model product and break it down digestibly for users. There were 3 main products based off of what was the desired usage of the automotive stock mediums. The purchase process also had to resolve issues fundamentally with the parent company’s complex licensing demands. Below is a at a glance 2 of the many rounds of user flow iterations. The user flows coincided with the screens and helped guide the internal process and design discussions for feedback in engineering.