Denon Connectivity

Marketing Campaign
Seven multi-room stories of how Denon HEOS enabled products can enhance whole home audio experience throughout the home. In-house marketing campaign providing large production of evergreen video and photo content for the brand.
Concepting with AD and CD, writers and designer, Leading marketing campaign creative efforts, Creating and coordinating creative asset delivery for campaign execution - cohesive look and feel

Campaign multi-channel activation: video, social story telling, email marketing, digital landing page and paid marketing efforts.

Evergreen storytelling video and photo for brand and campaign activation.

Seven stories

How HEOS software connects Denon products to audio platforms (such as spotify, apple music, amazon etc...) - ability to control and combine products throughout your space.

Listening to vinyl lounging in the living room to relaxing in the bathroom;
5.1 audio experience gathering with family in living room to creating surround sound painting in the studio;
Gamer girl’s intense session and making a switch to hyper focus on school work;
Prepping the date night meal groovin’ to jams to enjoying the meal together – continuous theme.

Email Marketing

Creative Director: Lina Romeo Art Director: Will Hong Lead Designer: Linda Truong Executive Producer/Prod Co: Nina Millane, The New Black Creative Prop & Wardrobe Stylist: Daniella Carrera Hair & Makeup: Amy Hanlin Principal Photographer: Bil Zelman Photographers: Michael Lembke, Roxanne Sta Ana DP & Editor: Zach Griffin Videographer: Hoda Arian Copywriter: Alex Seizovic and Steve Elliot
Thursday July 13 2023

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