Fintech – Costa Mesa, CA
Brand development, leading marketing campaign efforts from print to digital, visualizing eight financial personalities, pitch deck
Branding, Illustration / Visualization, Marketing Campaign - Print & Digital

Visualizing the Financial Personalities

The Storyteller and the Oasis are opposites from one another and are based off of levels of Extraversion. The pattern for storyteller shows a network and inter-connection between groups (social circles) while the oasis is on an island alone and isolated from others.

The Ten Personality Patterns

I developed visual patterns based off of the characteristics of each financial personality archetype. For example, an Ambassador is high on agreeableness and tends to be the type that connects with others in social groups so the patterns interconnects with each other. While the contrarian goes against the grain, and is a reversal of the houndstooth.

Personalized Business Cards

Each company member would have a personalized business card with the back side featuring the financial personality of the holder. The idea for this was to create conversation around the science behind the financial archetypes.

Statement making statements

Financial summaries reimagined for ease of use, clarity, and insight.

Marketing Landing Page

Proposed marketing campaign idea based off of the idea of rejecting financial debt to relate to millennial target audience base.

Just for fun ︎

Within the internal company culture, colleagues gathered on thursdays for curated beer tasting and bonding time.

Thursday July 13 2023

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